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Welcome to

B & J's New Golden Oldies Site

We will take you back just a few years. We hope that you will enjoy this site of the 20's & what went on back then.

We also have music from the 20's and 30's plus, many black and white gifs for your enjoyment.

This is our banner if you would like it: Please link back to our site if you use the banner....

Got the beautiful graphics from:

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Had help from Nanamars, Rainbow & Cubby_Bear & Annie getting things done.

Our little elves...Thanks to all 4 of you...

We love giving you new things so, B & J have expanded to B J & C to bring you another great site. It will be coming soon.

B is for Bobbie, J is for Janet & C is for Cubby_Bear.

Thanks for viewing our pages.

Here is the banner to take you to B J & C's Gifs Galore...Hope you like it.....